Welcome to Save Truro

Welcome to Save Truro


The Great Sale of Cornwall

The land’s end: the great sale of Cornwall, by Bernard Deacon

Written by one of the authors of Cornwall at the Crossroads, this book is about the future being mapped out for us by developers, aided and abetted by some local political and business groups and egged on by central government. It rejects the million people-plus Cornwall that these self-appointed elites are planning for us and for future generations and offers a critique of current policies.


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  1. Chapter 1 – The drive to a million: planning to double the population
  2. Chapter 2 – How the planning system creates a developers’ paradise
  3. Chapter 3 – Housing our huddled masses? Or the comfortably-off classes?
  4. Chapter 4 – The environmental consequences of endless growth
  5. Chapter5 - - ‘Sssh, don’t mention the Cornish: the cultural consequences of endless growth’


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