We need to keep Truro unique

We need to keep Truro unique

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As one of the last butchers in Truro and Landlord of Truro’s Pannier Market with a large amount of independent market traders, the planners do not seem to realise that the pie is only so big!

If this scheme goes ahead, Truro will be flanked on all sides with supermarkets and we will become just like any other city in the UK.  We need to keep Truro unique, so it’s still a visitor attraction.

With regards to the “Cornish Food Hall” I feel that it is just another marketing ploy!  The Cornish farmers are selling their produce to an organisation, it is being rebranded and sold back to the Cornish…probably at an inflated price!

If the supermarket customer is serious about buying local produce they can visit the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday and Saturday in Truro or come and see me in the Pannier Market where all my produce is locally sourced.

The planners shouldn’t be thinking about how many more supermarkets they can squeeze into Truro, they ought to be planning the road infrastructure.  Furthermore, what was the point of investing so much money in Truro Park & Ride at Threemilestone, if they were planning on supermarkets occupying the outskirts?

As far as I can see, this development would be another nail in the coffin for Truro’s traders.


John Roach

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  1. stuart says:

    why do we need the new eastern P&R development the city has various good shops and a marvellous pannier market for fresh veg & good meat & most other items, why put this in jeopardy. the farmers market is always interesting and good for local produce & supplies. If Truro gets bigger it will lose its character & friendly warmth. if waitrose wants a presence in truro why not in the centre and the cornish food hall can function or not on its own merits not with an advantage by keeping people out of our lovely city
    The other major point is if there is a lane taken from tregolls road the traffic is going to double and this will deter people from coming into the city and give out of town facilities yet another advantage

  2. Mike Doyle says:

    This proposed development is completetly unnecessary and will destroy
    a “Green Field Site” and a working farm when there is NO NEED.
    I am told that the development will take away 50 acres from the farm which is already quiet small. This loss will probably mean the farm becomes uneconomical resulting in another farm closing; and the family out on the street! This at a time when we need more farms and farmers not less.
    Why must this be on a green site at all. There are plenty of Brown sites available to be used.
    The proposed recycling plant should be sited at Newham along with all the other infrastucture already in place there.
    Truro does NOT need another out of town Supermarket which will make traders lifes in Truro, already struggling, that much harder. And how is the already crowded A390 going to cope, by taking away a traffic lane and introducing a Bus lane for part of the way? I don’t think so.
    The Cornish Market is again not needed when we have plenty of good market stalls in the Pannier and the like. And the weekly Farmers Market will also suffer.
    As for the “Affordable Housing” do the planners actually know how hard it is to get a mortgage for these. The lenders do not like them and are very reluctant to give loans on dual ownership properties. Plus we do not need any more grand houses for second homes which will sit empty for half the year. It is only the EU throught the Government that wants to build far more house than “Local Needs” require.

  3. Much work has been done by Cornwall Council in respect of the advantages of providing an eastern Park and Ride. However, the supermarket Waitrose is to be built alongside the Park and Ride and this must be expected to increase the traffic along Tregolls Road in both directions. What is the calculated increase in traffic movements due to the proposed development on the site which of course must also include the housing, the recycling centre and the Cornish Food Hall?

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