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Michael Stone should have lived in Truro for the past 40 years before contemplating making such outlandish and irresponsible statements as contained in his post ‘Best Development Ever’.  Perhaps he’s on the Duchy payroll.

These are not infrastructure improvements but just one retrograde proposal after another which will cause total chaos to the city and add to its problems rather than provide any solutions.

Has Mr Stone any idea just what will result from the proposals to construct bus lanes in each direction along Tregolls Road?  Does he imagine that one weekend the central flower beds will disappear, trees be felled, the road widened, pavements narrowed, etc., so that on Monday morning everything will be flowing perfectly?  Has he ever been stuck in that long queue of traffic which can extend from the A39/A390 junction through Tresillian 1.5 miles away?  Does he honestly believe that a park-and-ride on the Duchy land will cure the problem?  It will do everything but!!  A proposed filter lane with traffic lights near Woodcock Corner will simply extend the traffic jam through Tresillian and onto the Probus by-pass.  Residents from Probus and Tresillian will not use the facility, since by the time they are 1.25 miles from the city they might just as well continue the drive into Truro.  If there was a bus every 10 minutes during the day from either the Probus or Tresillian areas, then more would be persuaded to use both this and any park-and-ride facility at Denas Water which is where the service should be constructed.

As for any supermarket helping local producers, Mr Stone has obviously never set foot in any Waitrose and probably no Sainsburys nor Tesco store.  Supermarkets bring all their produce in from central depots outside the county, destroy local retailers and the local small producers who supply them, with only a few exceptions.  They buy nationally and drive suppliers’ prices down in order to keep margins as high as possible – economically and for the benefit of their shareholders, that is the nature of good business practice, but it is seldom to the benefit of the community.  I’m surprised Mr Stone didn’t mention the huge benefit of the number of jobs which any Waitrose would provide, but that has been conveniently ignored; perhaps at least he realises that for every part-time job created in a supermarket two will be lost elsewhere in the city – who knows, maybe even his own!

As for putting ‘a lot of thought into making this a sustainable development’, the council has a vested interest and has failed to comprehend certain basic principles, firstly that the park-and-ride scheme on the Duchy land will not work, secondly that it will destroy 55 acres of high quality grade 2 farmland, thirdly that the proposed housing has nothing to merit it architecturally, and fourthly that any commercial proposals – supermarket and Cornish food centre – will only take away business from elsewhere and bring about net job losses – sustainability – utter rubbish!

Mr Stone needs to see both sides of any argument, to understand that Cornwall Council and Waitrose are hand-in-glove on this project, that it will be anything but beneficial to Truro and that there are other far more satisfactory alternatives, albeit without housing or commercial additions, whose locations should, in any event, be elsewhere in our city.

I am anything but against development where it is right, sensible and meets policy requirements.  The present scheme is basically flawed and should be rejected outright.


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  1. John myners says:

    The demise of Truro local buisnesses started in the 70′s when M &;S arrived. For some years now Truro has maintained a reprieve in that more businesses have arrived making the town now a vibrant and busy centre for mid cornwall. The new develoment will,in my opinion desimate this development and once and for all kill all small busness in the town. Together with the new planned Tesco on the top of Falmouth road all that will be left to attract people to the town centre is the M &;S “Barn”, in itself the most atrocious piece of design you could imagine. I live in Probus having been brought up in the city and I for one don’t want the traffic to Truro made any worse or the choice of shopping made any less. The new development will only achieve one thing. An ego boost for the Duchy( who already take millions out of the county) and certain councilers.

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