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Reading a recent article on the thisiscornwall website,about how a local farming family are hoping to become one of the new producers for the ‘Cornish Food Store’, is this not a case of wool being pulled over the eyes just to get the backing of local farmers who believe they will get a chance to sell their produce in this development?

Waitrose are not a new company, and already have their preferred suppliers, and most likely, only those that can keep up with the demand for supplies will be selected, i.e the larger farms and not local producers as they imply?

Anthony Rowe

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  1. Elwyn Jones says:

    Mr Rowe either doesn’t understand the central principle of this development or is being deliberately misleading. The Cornish Food Hall has no financial connection to Waitrose and will be an independent trading entity run by a group of Cornish Farmers. We expect to have at least 100 probably more Cornish suppliers from all over Cornwall and because of the expected turnover, we expect to have a substantially beneficial financial effect on a large number of Cornish farming families. I defy anyone to say that this is not a good thing for the Cornish farming infrastructure.
    Elwyn Jones – Chairman – The Taste of Cornwall Ltd

  2. chris power says:

    You’re right it could be a good thing for the Cornish farming infrastructure and also for Truro, but not if if its out of town. It should be in the town centre to encourage more people to shop in Truro and act as a balance to the high street chain stores.

  3. Anthony says:

    Mr Jones – I do apologise, as after reading your reply I re-read the article again, and I now realise I have got confused over the article, having read this part of it, and thinking that it was Waitrose behind the idea, which now obviously it is not, but located within the same development (TEDC) with the potential for increased custom for the Cornish Food Hall and their local producers.

    Quote from thisiscornwall article:
    “The idea behind the link-up with Waitrose is that by co-locating and sharing customers local food and drinks producers could see estimated additional sales of between £6 million and £8 million a year. It is thought that overall the centre could increase the amount of local produce sold in Cornwall by around 10 per cent and employ 200 people.

    The proposals form part of the wider Truro Eastern District Centre (TEDC), a partnership between Cornwall Council, the Duchy of Cornwall, Waitrose and food producer group The Taste of Cornwall. TEDC would also have a park and ride, household waste recycling centre and 98 new homes, 35 per cent of them social housing.”

    This local food hall can be a very good thing for the Cornish Producers.

  4. chris a, Liskeard says:

    all well and good, but in doing this you will destroy Truro farmers and the pannier market.
    there are already schemes like this, Taste Cornwall, Cornish Smallholders Guild, and Kingsley village which you neglect to mention is the true 1st scheme, not this one! now who is deliberately misleading?
    work with the farmers market, not attempt to steal their custom.

  5. Georgia farmers daughter St austell says:

    This will not support local farmers, the only people making a margin will be the business men that make up “taste of cornwall”.

    For example riviera already supplies supermarkets!

    How can farmers with farm shops or farmers markets compete? This is a fantastic business plan to put most local and sustainable farmers out of business very quickly.

    It could be successful for supporting local businesses if it is fully committed to giving farmers a fair deal.
    However, it most likely will be overwhelmed by the powers that are financing this venture who feel the profit margin belong in their own pocket and not the farmers who work 24/7.

    But what can we do? What has happened at Kingsley Village? Would Waitrose have got planning without this Cornish food centre ? No. Will it be overcome by Waitrose in the end? Yes.

    Yet again the supermarkets win in the end! Surprise surprise!

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