Truro Eastern District Centre? – Ros Cox says it all

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Ros Cox says it all. I especially agree with the suggestion that the Newquay Road should be the barrier for development east of Truro. This was always the case and any development that side of the road encroaches on a beautiful unspoilt valley. The Trevella valley where I grew up is uncrossed by roads and consequently a haven for wildlife. It’s peaceful, beautiful and would be ruined by this development. Shame on Prince Charles for even thinking doing this to such a tranquil rural environment. No doubt other developers are waiting in the wings to build more once the barrier is broken.
What would be useful would be a list of councillors and parish and town councillors with their contact details and their position on the proposed development. Then people can contact them with their views. It’s alright sounding off in the press but the people who make the decision need to be in no doubt about residents’ opinions and that means contacting them direct.

Fiona Bruce

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