Waitrose decimated trade in Wimborne, Dorset

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Waitrose WimborneWe’ve had the same battle with the local council over a Waitrose opening in Wimborne.

We’ve been through the whole planning process but that’s all it is – a process.  It was a done deal right from the start and NOTHING was going to stop it.  There is no such thing as democracy.

The council said it would bring in extra trade to Wimborne – customers and businesses.  You now can’t keep up with the different shops opening and closing, the shops are empty of customers, even the car parks are empty.  The only one doing well is Waitrose.

Carol Hayward

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  1. William Rees says:

    When will the Naysayers get into the “Real World”. Waitrose is a World beater in quality produce and service and its “British” unlike ASDA, USA and SAINSBURY which is 25% owned by the Qatar Royal Family Wealth Fund.John Lewis Partnership t treat all the employers with respect and include them as shareholders.Already Truro is losing business due to shoppers going to John Lewis stores in Exeter and Bristol for big ticket items. John Lewis has three delivery vans a day in Cornwall. We much prefer to do grocery shopping in Waitrose in Oakhampton and Saltash on our way back into Cornwall. Truro shopping Centre is unfortunately in decline and is going down market with boarded up shops. Only a Waitrose and a department store like John Lewis will save it.Please take a look at their success in other towns and cities.

  2. Fiona Bruce says:

    A Waitrose in the centre of Truro might well have a good effect on the town’s fortunes. The question is whether Truro should expand to the East, destroying good farmland and encroaching on a beautiful unspoilt valley full of wildlife and increasingly rare plants.

  3. Richard Heading says:

    I have lived in Wimborne for 10 years now and have seen first hand what a Waitrose can bring to an important market town. The leading article is not a true and balanced reflection of the current local retail economy.
    Before Waitrose opened just over 3 years ago we just had a medium sized Somerfield which enjoyed a local monopoly,never a healthy proposition. The then Somerfield, now a Co-op never had to improve it’s offer because it didn’t have to.
    At the time those who were against Waitrose building on the town centre Cricket ground,(which was controversial), cited several facts which have never materialised. Namely Waitrose would close local shops,wrong, we still have our Butcher, Greengrocer,Delicatessen and small Bakery. Waitrose would creat traffic gridlock on Rowlands Hill, wrong, traffic has always free flowing apart from accidents. Waitrose would suck the life out of the local economy,wrong,they have been excellent members of the local community contributing donations to local charities and allowing voluntary groups and the Folk festival to use the park which was created by the building of the supermarket. Before Waitrose was built, this land in the centre of town,was private and if you ventured on to it you would be trespassing. Now it is a open park,managed by Waitrose for the local community to enjoy. Currently in town there are only 3 empty retail units and the retailers who follow Waitrose into a town have arrived,Crew,Rohan and Fatface to name but 3.
    The latest figures issued by East Dorset District Council for it’s town centre car parks show an increase in parking demand of some 5%,very good in this challenging retail era.
    The local cricket team have moved to the west of the town and Waitrose have built them a minor league standard pavilion and cricket pitch.They are thrilled with that as the previous pavilion was almost derelict. Yes we have lost a piece of green space in the centre of town but the positives of having a Waitrose far outweigh the negatives and the town now has a choice now between Waitrose and the Co-op. That alone must be a good thing.

  4. Val Rile says:

    Waitrose coming to Wimborne has been a disaster. The greengrocer sold his business a year later because he lost so much trade, the new owners are struggling. The deli has turned into a sandwich shop and cafe. The Coop is so quiet it is a wonder it keeps going. Traffic on Rowlands Hill is a nightmare, local roads are crammed with Waitrose staff cars parked all day.
    Some new shops have been lured into the town but many have soon closed. Currently there are ten vacant shops. The cricket ground which was built on was an absolute delight to walk around, visible to all. We now have a monster building which blocks light and views from an old peoples’ home. A small Waitrose would have blended into the town but Waitrose only do the monster-size.

  5. Lord Hartgrove says:

    I live in Wimborne and I can say the carparks are not empty and the town centre has not been decimated. Or local Butcher is still there. All Wait rose did was to give a bigger choice. By the way we have had Sainsburys, Tesco and Lidl a few minutes drive away and they haven’t caused any problems to local traders either!

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