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People are asking what they can do to oppose the developer-led planning. Here’s one suggestion. Let’s pre-empt their consultation and tell the Council we don’t want our countryside used to build soulless estates of unaffordable houses for the profit of the big developers. Take the first step and register your opposition to plans to build a minimum of the equivalent of five new Truro’s by 2030.      


Sign the petition at


Help spread news of it.

Encourage as many as possible to sign up.

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  1. Colin Brown says:

    Being a ”Truro Boy” I have watched how major out of town shopping centres an excessive housing developements in and around Truro are beginning to make it a no go area.

  2. Anthony says:

    Having read a letter in the West Briton last week, to summarise, apparently it’s the Nimby over 40′s that didn’t want the TEDC to be built – funny that, I’m not actually over 40, and it’s not Nimbyism, but wanting to protect my home city from over development and grid lock for the future.

  3. William Rees says:

    Why are you worrying about a small up market store UK company like Waitrose which includes a Cornish produce section coming to Truro.It will mean well paid jobs with the employees being partners/shareholders?
    What about the massive ASDA at Willow Green? Walmart is a very large Multi American Company. Why have you ignored that one?

  4. Anthony says:

    I haven’t ignored Asda – I was responding to a letter that called us over 40′s ‘Nimby’s’ – to which is an inaccurate descirption. I have also voiced my concerns to the Asda development, and the increase in traffic that will cause, I am also led to believe that the Treliske roundabout is expected to be expanded for further capacity.

    I still don’t believe in the long term that the food hall will survive – apparently Kingsley Village have shut up shop.

    There is no available space to create a bypass for the A390 corridor, building houses will have an adverse effect as will sticking the 7th and 8th supermarkets either side of Truro.

  5. Philip Buddell says:

    Heard on the 522 bus from St Dennis to Truro this week. Two elderly ladies chatting and on seeing the valley remarked ‘ Never dreamt ‘twould be any thing like this! What a disgraceful mess…..and all for these blasted cars’ Don’t forget Waitrose, I remarked. ‘Who can afford to go there?’ replied one of them. Even if late in the day, the effect on the people of Cornwall seems finally to arrived home!

    I saw a roe deer in the valley this week, just outside some of the prison fencing which has been erected – surely this must be sufficient to prevent the development going ahead. I wonder what other wildlife have been deprived of their habitats?

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