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Just to add to the forthcoming developments at Union Corner, Tolgullow, Langarth, Willow Green, Maiden Green, Richard Lander together with Inox’s latest wheeze plus applications for 6 supermarkets, we now have Higher Newham Farm which like all the aforementioned will lead directly into the A390.

Despite the vast sums spent on the Trafalgar Roundabout (over budget by more than £1M) there are even more delays and this is before the estimated 4000 daily trips to the proposed Waitrose supermarket get going. Just imagine the situation at the other end of the road when all these developments get built.

But, returning to the Higher Newham Farm planning application, Lord Matthew Taylor (ex MP and now developer’s consultant whose wife is managing the project) promises us that building 155 houses on this hillside (shown above)  will be fantastic as we will all be able to access this beautiful green space. It’s normal practice for developers to bung in some goodies in order to dress up their application. Olympic size swimming pools seem to have gone out of fashion but Stadiums seem popular now provided there is a supermarket with it. At least the developers at Higher Newham have come up with a new one, a ‘community farm’. Forgive us being cynical! This is all about building a housing estate on a beautiful hillside and the history of developers actually delivering on the amazing benefits described in their glossy leaflets is, at best, mixed.

The previous application was turned down by Eric Pickles thanks largely to Sarah Newton. There were good reasons for that then and nothing has changed.


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  1. Ian Jones says:

    Well said,it’s very true this site should not be turned over to the developers. Shame on Lord Taylor for his involvement in all of this. He should be fighting to stop all the development in Truro.

  2. Lindsay Southcombe says:

    This was the best planning application that Truro has seen in years. It incorporates community space, skilled employment and training opportunities and hands over a huge area of land to the City Council for wildlife and public access. It doesn’t fit in to Cornwall Council’s vision for Truro as the retail centre of the South West and I’d, in my opinion, all the better for that. I have no desire to live in a corporate shopping mall. I hope they appeal.

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