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I_Hibberd_Photo1507200057This site has been quiet for some time. The battle against the Duchy and Waitrose was, unfortunately, lost and this planning approval seems to have opened the floodgates to developments all along the A39/390 which are too numerous to list here.

Do you remember:-

  1. The beautiful pictures of Prince Charles dream development. Contrast that with that line of bland houses abutting (and I mean abutting) Newquay Road.
  2. The promises that the Tregurra Park and Ride would result in a significant traffic improvement aided by a £60,000 bus lane. Well, we all know what happened to the bus lane but I am not yet convinced that the Park and Ride has been a great success. It is hardly overflowing.
  3. All that computer modelling that showed a great improvement in journey times. Where is it? Every time you see the A39 it’s on the way to being gridlocked at busy periods.

No doubt emboldened by the gong awarded to the Head of Department, Highways now propose to literally spray the A39 and 390 with traffic lights along its length. No doubt there will again be talk of improvements in journey times.

The underlying problem is that Highways have tamely agreed to all the proposed developments and ticked all the appropriate boxes for them to proceed.

Truro and Kenwyn now have their own Neighbourhood Plan and I think that it is time for a radical rethink on the way they are administered. So why not create our own Unitary Authority, separate from Cornwall Council. Very few unbiased observers would claim that Cornwall Council has been a great success. They are always strapped for cash for essential services but, show them a preposterous scheme like the City of Culture, they fall over themselves to throw money at it.

We need our own administration run by an elected Mayor.

Ian Hibberd

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  1. Marvo says:

    Sounds like a job for the A team lead by Rob Nolan…. The Mayor of Truro.

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